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38 CSI icons

[x28] Keppler
[x9] Kepper/Catherine
[x1] Keppler/Wendy (if you squint)


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Major Icon Post

[001-004] CSI: Miami Groups
[005-008] Francis Tripp
[009-013] Timothy Speedle
[014-022] Ryan Wolfe
[023-032] Horatio Caine
[033-044] Eric Delko
[045-059] Calleigh Duquesne
[060-069] CSI Groups
[070-072] Nick/Sara
[073-075] Yo! Bling
[076-082] GSR
[083-084] Archie Johnson
[085-086] Albert Robbins
[087-088] James Brass
[089-091] Michael Keppler
[092-095] Gregory Sanders
[096-099] Warrick Brown
[100-103] Gilbert Grissom
[104-109] Nicolas Stokes
[110-116] Sara Sidle
[117-145] Cathrine Willows
[146-159] Marg Helgenberger
[160-200] Emily Procter


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More Liev in The Omen

More Liev!!


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Icons - Liev in The Manchurian Candidate

Thought I would post these here as well.  Enjoy! 


Teaser: First Batch

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Teaser: Second Batch


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Fanfic - Peroxide

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Author’s Note: Quickie little, angsty one shot.

Summary: My blood is like peroxide. [Spoilers for Redrum and Law of Gravity; Catherine/Keppler


by e-dog




 some Catherine/Keppler icons


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A Cath/Kep Wallpaper

Hello, the community's looking a bit bare, so I thought I would post a crazy wallpaper!


Fanfic - Ghost

Can I just say, before I post this fic, that is an AWESOME graphic up there.  Okay, on with the fic.  I'll just post the title, summary, rating and such.

Title: Ghost
He would be with her for some time, she supposed. She would continue to hear him from time to time, stalking the halls of the lab.
Rating: Teen
Ship: Catherine/Keppler [implied]